Saturday, June 5, 2010


This is Molly, our 4 year old White German Shepherd. Everyone who knows Molly knows she has a few....issues. One is that she loves to eat paper, so my stamp room is off limits to her. But every now and then she sneaks in behind my back and has a smogishboard (she recently ate the head off the UPS man card I made - I told you she has issues). Thanks to Ellen Kemper, my favorite punch artist, for her version of a paper-eating dog. I made this card for my husband for our 26th wedding anniversary. Molly is a big part of our lives, so I thought this was appropriate - just gotta love her!


  1. Absolutely Perfect!! Made me smile :)

  2. She looks great - love her perky ears!

    Glad you could use the mutt and turn it into Molly.

  3. This one really made me smile. Thanks for sharing your sweet pup and all her foibles.