Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Before and After secret is out. I am a messy stamper. Usually I can work in clutter, but what I walked into this morning was ridiculous! I couldn't even see the top of my work surface. And look at Molly! It scared her too.

So after an hour or so of putting things in their place, tossing out and re-arranging, this is what my room really looks like (until I start my next project).

Most of the things I use all the time are within arms length. My current stamp sets are on my left in a shelving unit Randy made me years ago when we moved into our first house. An old desk I've had sense high school used to have my sewing machine on top, but that's gone into the closet now so a couple different paper cutters can sit on top, but my sewing supplies are still in the drawers.

All my stamp pads are divided into color collections in front of my work surface in a shelf that holds other important things like markers, adhesives, sponge daubers, etc. The TV and laptop are on the end, along with random paper. All current cardstock is in the file cabinet below.

Swing toward the windows and the single bookcase holds more paper and a basket of scraps, the colorful baskets hold various tools (heat gun, embossing supplies, embellishments), the photo boxes are full of cards and the white plastic drawers keep other "stuff" out of sight. The clear plastic boxes on top have the supplies needed for the projects we will make at August's Stamp.

Notice there are no photos of the other side of the room! I'll tackle that another day...

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  1. Another craft room saved from chaos (LOL) if only I could learn from your good example. Mine is definitely a before!!!